15 Years, KIbera


I am bornd and raised in Kibera, I live with my mother, 3 sisterns and 2 brothers. I am the youngest. My father died from stomach cancer. Life in Kibera is fair,lots of children living here. I don’t like the insecurity, it is very bad. Three weeks ago my neighbour was robbed. All his belongings where stolen. Now he has nothing.



Do you have a favorite place in Kibera?

It’s my school. Most of my time I spend in school. I am a good student. My favorite subject is physics. When I am not in school, I like to draw. I am good in drawing portraits.


How do you start your day?

I stand up at 3.45 in the morning, I make breakdast, study and prepare for school.


What do you want to become after school?

An astronaut and a businessman.


What kind of businessman?

I want to have my own company. With vehicles. I like electronics.


Why astronaut?

I heard from the first man on the moon. Neil Armstrong.


How would it feel to be in the sky?

It must be a good feeling. You see things you have never seen before. When I am an astronaut, I would be a hero and I would know much more things then I know now.


Would you like to stay in Kibera?

I would probably move, but stay in Nairobi.


What do you have to do to become an astronaut?

I have to overcome my fears.


Have you ever been in a plane?



What was the hardest to be an astronaut in Maries film?

I was sweating under the helmet and it was itching so I tried to scratch it with my teeth but it did not work.


How was it to stand still for so long?

In the beginning it was easier. Later I would have liked to sit down.


What did you think while you where standing?

Sometimes I was thinking of funny jokes from my friends in school.


Did you think about breaking up?

No. I told myself, someday this is who I become, that was motivating me.


Could you see the other people watching you?

I wasnt concentrating on them. I only was looking at the camera lense.


How is it to bee seen?

Thats is a very nice feeling.


What do you think did the people where thinking when they saw you

That I am a real astronaut. I really liked my constume, I liked the jacket the most.



What is your favorite animal?

A bird. They are beautiful. 


What is so good to be up in the air?

It is good to see the highest buildings.



15 Years, KIbera

I live in Kibera with my mother, my father and my two younger brothers. My father is a carpenter,

my mother doesnt have a job.


How did you get involved in the project?

I am in the One Fine Day dance group. I was asked by my teacher what i would like to be when I grow up. My answere was: a doctor. A few weeks later Marie came to Nairobi and told me about her film.


Was it your first time in front oft the camera?

No. I was once filmed with my One Fine Day dance class at a music festival where we performed.

Why would you like to become a doctor?

In the hospitals most dorctors are men. So I said to myself when I grow up I will built my own hospital and

it will be free of charge.


Have you had good experience with a doctor?

Yes. When my aunt was in hospital with cancer. I saw how the doctor treated her, and explained her everything. This was when I decider to become a doctor. I want to save lives.


Do you know how to become a doctor?

Yes. I have to go to university. I would like to study in Nairobi or anywhere else. Wherever I can become a doctor. I don’t mind to see blood o rill people.


How did you react when Marie told you that you would be part of her project?

I couldnt sleep. I was very excited. I thanked god for it. I was waiting for someone who could see my future. I know what I want to be when I grew up.


How did it feel in the when Marie started to film?

It was hard. But nothing comes easily and nice. You have to work hard to achieve.


How was it to stand so quietly in the beginning compare to the end oft he filming?

In the beginning it was much easier than in the end. That was hard.


What was the hardest?

When people were looking at you, talking to you, laughing at you. You just have to continue. Also in the morning it was cold and later I got tired.


Did you ever thought about breaking up during the filming?

No. I was just thinking about my future.


What was in your mind when you were standing?

Totally nothing.


Have you been aware that people where looking at you? How did that feel?

It felt nice to be seen.


What did you like the most in standing in front of the camera?

When the sun was rising and I was feeling it in the back. That gave me confidence. I sometimes got distracted by the poeple passing by, but I was just standing thre, even when it was hard.


Would you do it again?

Yes. I can do it.


Werent you suffering?



What are your parents saying about your dream?

They say, keep working hard and don't get lazy.


What does it mean to work hard?

In Kenia you can not succeed if you are lazy. You must study hard to get what you want.


Do you have a hero? A role model?

Oprah Winfrey. She is encouraging people.


What could help you to make your dream come true?

My support are my parents and my teachers. Most of all my teachers.


Are you good in school? Do you like to learn?



What is your greatest fear?

The devil.


What are you really good at?

Dancing. I love to dance, I feel free when I dance.


What do you like about Kibera?

That people are really nice. If you have a problem they help you. Kibera is about helping each other.


What is your favorite animal?

A cat. They are friendly.



15 Years, KIbera

I was born and raised in Kibera, I live with my mother, my younger brother and older sister. My father died when I was young. We all live in a one room house. In Kibera the people have big dreams, they think they can reach their dreams and goals. I like that


What is your biggest dream?

To become a ballet dancer.


Why do you want to be a ballet dancer?

BecauseI have the passion of dancing. I like to be on stage, it makes me happy. When I become a ballet danceer, I would like to live in Naiorbi, but not in Kibera.


What is not good about living in Kibera?

A lot of children cant go to school and then many people are taking drugs.


Do you have a favorite place in Kibera?

There is a social center with a library I like very much.


What is your favorite lsubject in school?

Biology, chemistry and french.


How can you reach your goal?

I have to work hard.


Is someone supporting you?

My elder sister, she is saying the only place where you can find success is in the dictionary. So I should work hard and do my stdies.


How did you feel standing in front of the camera?

I felt like a real ballerina. Sometimes it was difficult to stand still and was feeling my legs very much. In the beginning it was easier. Later I became tired.


Did you ever think of giving up?

No. Because I thought, if I interrupt I have to start again so it is better to be strong.


What thoughts crossed your mind?

I wanted to be strong to myself. Because as a dancer you have to be strong.


What will you tell the other childen when they ask how was it?

Good, but a little difficult.


What is your avorite animal?

A Kitten. Because they are playful. 



15 Years, KIbera

I was born and raised in Kibera. I live with my aunt and uncle and they son and daughter. My parents died a long tieme ago, I have an older sister, but I dont know her. I like living in Kibera, the peoole here kow to live a hard life.


How often to you play soccer?

Every time. Every day.


Which position?

Number 2. Defender.


When you become a soccer player, for which team would you like to play?

Manchester United.


How would that change your life?

I would play for other countrys, that would change my life. It would not be important change from where I am from. I would be an example for others.


What is you favorite subject in school?

Social studies and Swaheli.


What are you good at?

I am a very good singer.


How did you like your costume?

I liked it a lot. I like the shoes the most of the costume. They where given to me after the shooting.


How did it feel to stand for an hour infront of the camera?

At the beginning it felt good, in the end it was much harder, because my legs got tired. I never thought about giving up.


Did you get disstracted when standing still for so long?

No, I was just standing there. A lot of people were seeing me and some people regocnized me.


What helped you to stay focused?

I am a climber. I want to reach the top. I am usually focusing on what I am doing.


How did you motivate yourself while standing?

I was motivated when people where looking at me and appreciated me standing there.


What do you think did the people passing thinking about you standing there?

They thought I am statue, because I was not smiling, not moving at all. I was a real soccer player.


Did you like it to be seen?

Yes. I made me really happy.


What do you have to do to reach your goal?

I have to focus on what I am doing.


What helped you to stand still for so long.

I was praying and that gave me confident and encouraged me.


This was your second time standing for Marie. Would you do it a third time?

Yes. I would to it even better next time.


What is your favorite animal?

A Lion. Because he lives in the jungle, he is powerful and encouraging. I would like to be the king of Kibera.


Do you think you could get distraced on your way to become a football player?

No. You cant have two masters at the same time. 



13 Years, KIbera

I was bornd in Kibera. I am living with my moher and two elder brothers. My mother is working in a shop selling groceries from 9 am to 9 pm every day. She is very strict. I dont know my father, I don’t know what happened to him. In Kibera, the people care for each other, I like that. But I don't like the dirt.


Do you have a favorite place?

Yes, my cousins house. I can watch movies there and do playstation.


How do you like school?

I like it so much. My favorite subjects are english and sience.


When do you do your homework?

In the morning at 6am, before I go to school.


Why do you want to become a pilot?

It requieres sciences and it would be nice to be in the air. And  when you fly you can see everything from above. Other continents, other countries.


Do you know a pilot in person?

Yes. The husband of my sister is a pilot.


What would be your first destiny as a pilot?

I will go to Germany. Because there are lot of artists and they are painting good pictures.


How was it to stand in front of the camera?

In the beginning it was easy. Later it started to get cold and my legs felt tired, that was tricky.


Did you think about giving up?



Did you talk to yourself?

Yes, I started to tell myself stories. I told myself, if I start to strech myself a lion will come and eat me.


How was it, being looked at by the people passing by?

I wanted to laugh. There were so many. They thought they see a real pilot. I liked that.


What is motivating you?

I know that I am good in science.


What is your favorite animal?

A female lion, because it searches for food.