One Fine Day is a registered charitable association brought to life in 2008 by Marie Steinmann

and Tom Tykwer, in association with the UK charity Anno's Africa. Our goal is to provide access to the world of imagination and discovery that art offers for children and young people in disadvantaged areas through the teaching of artistic practices and imparting aesthetic principles.


One Fine Day offers regular workshops in dance, ballet, theatre, music, acrobatics, creative

writing, and fine arts for children and young people at several schools in the slums of Nairobi,

Kenya. European mentors give lessons alongside Kenyan teachers, who continue the classes throughout the year in daily creative clubs.


Our aim is for the pupils to have the skills and the confidence to continue developing and evolving their artistic talents.


The lasting effect of One Fine Day's involvement offers children, whose daily life is often

arduous, frequent rays of hope and inspiration. Our 24 creative clubs across all categories

are now being attended by over 1500 pupils.


We firmly believe that in being introduced to various creative disciplines, children and young

people are more able to shape their own lives with greater imagination. In the face of the hard

day–to–day lives of these children, characterised by violence, poverty, illness and other traumatic circumstances, One Fine Day aims to offer a world in which they can find inner strength through

art and creativity.